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The Organization of Zamosc Jews and Vicinity,
PO Box 3093, Herzliya  4613002, Israel

You may contact us also via our info@zamosc-jews.com

On May 6th 1945, lose to the end of the Second World War, a number of people from Zamość gathered in Tel Aviv and founded The Israeli Organization of Zamość Jewry.The acting committee elected consisted of the following members:
Meir Zagiel, chairman; Tova Burger neé Handelsman; Chana Szawit neé Zyngerman; Jakub Naaman (Najmark), secretary. At the end of that year the committee was enlarged to include Zvi Gebet, Aba Acharoni (Spodek) and Aron Dolcher.
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Zamoscers meeting in a camp near Wetzlar,
Germany, Pessach, April 1948

The annual membership dues are 120 Shekel ($40) per family.

We are grateful to the Claims Conference for their financial support enabling this very site, especially Adina Shudofsky.

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Founding Secretary
Jacub Naaman Najmark
of Blessed Memory

Previous Chairwoman
Eva Bar Zeev
of Blessed Memory
of families Szper,
Efros, Lewin,

Isarel (Issy) Schek
of famillies Szek,

Bokser, Szwartz,
Nirenberg, Sobol,
Szlam, Blum, Sztajn, Helfenbaum, Szackamer

Ofra Aharon
of families Raiman, Zatz

Ziva Alon 
of families Rappaport, Nechtman

Zvi Livne of families Lemberger, Spodek

Control Committee
Shmuel Ran of families Cwiren, Kenig, Listhaus, Sztetls, Gerber, Gersztelman

Committee Members
Almog Rachel of families Zycer, Kaleksztain, Ajzenberg, Bokser
Bracha Falk
of families Lemberger, Spodek
Gila Kenigsberg
Moshe Frank of families Fleszler, Frank
Aharon Zwiran
of families Cwiren, Kenig, Listhaus, Sztetls, Gerber, Gersztelman

Coordinator with Poland
the Late Yoram Golan Goldwag

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