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Yavne (Mizrahi) 1924                             Kadima School 1930

          Gimnasja 1937                      Chanuka Gelt (Gimnasja Thatre) 1928

Main Document:

A selection from "The Voice of Zamosc" newspaper – bi-weekly community report

May, 1928 - selection (not yet translated)

July, 1928 - selection (not yet translated)

August, 1928 - hospital cable (not yet translated)

August, 1928 – Commemoration of the 14th anniversary of Zamosc survivors (not yet translated)

Article - "The liquidation of Maccabi" (not yet translated)

A selection of documents regarding the "Kadima" school

Minutes of the District board meeting pertaining to the Jewish-Hebrew "Kadima" School (not yet translated)

Budget of the "Kadima" school for the school year 1929-1930 (not yet translated)

Letter from the "Kadima" school to the Superintendent of Zamosc schools. May, 1932 (not yet translated)

Letter to the school from the Ministry of Education. June 4, 1934 (not yet translated)

Regulations of the I. L. Perec Public Library (not yet translated)
Photo Archive


Teacher and Educator Szulem Ziskind Wajner


Teacher and Educator Josef Czesler

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