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Dear Friends,

The Photo Archive provides a rare glimpse of the jewish community of Zamosc and its vicinity (mostly) before the Holocaust.

These pictures were donated by members of our community in order to achieve our goal - a memorial to a Kehile, that like all other sister-communities of the Jewish world, was once a living organ, with both beauty and pain, a Kehile of spiritual wealth, despite material poverty of many families, a Kehile full of cultural, political, familial and individual activity, full of mutual aid. Also full of individual ad political struggles; even hatred. In short, a whole life.

Each photo is a flash of an individual of a family event, of a group get-together, of school pupils, of sport clubs, of theater actors. These dear people lived under the awful shadow of impending catastrophe, a shadow sometimes ignored d illusive hope. Some, too few indeed, avoided it by making Aliya to Eretz-Israel.

These are pictures of our parents and grandparents, our families and the community as a whole, into which we were born, even if most of us did not grow up there.

The photo archive of our Organization was initiated by the Late Eva Bar-Zeev, the previous chair person, who dedicated all her faculties to activities for the Organization. Let it be dediacted to her beloved memory.

Most of the Pictures were scanned in Yad VaShem Institute in Jerusalem, where also a data base was founded.

We are grateful to the people at the Yad VaShem Archive for their blessed and devoted cooperation.
In many cases the information is only partial, and sometimes most of the information is gone along with the deceased ones. We have inserted as much information as possible into the database.

Greetings, Israel Schek

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The pictures are divided into nine main categories as follows:

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In Memoriam Eva Bar Zeev who initiated the Photo Archive and dedicated many years of her life to the Zamosc Jews Organization

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