The Ancient Synagogue

The Synagogue, ca. 1990

The story of the synagogue, Engineer David Davidovich (Researcher of Synagogues and Public Structures in Eastern Europe), 1957

Chronology of the Zamosc Synagogue

Your streets are paved in tombstones, Bencion Canin (Tzanin) (not yet translated)
Have you killed and also taken possession, article by Eva Bar-Ze'ev

Photo Archive


Renovation of the Zamosc Ancient Synagogue

Following the renovation of the Old Synagogue at Zamosc by FODZ (Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland) we shall exhibit there some of our pictures in a permanent show.

We thank our members Yoram and Dita Golan for their deep commitment.

We thank Monika Krawczyk, FODZ Dyrektor, for her perpetual work.


On July 2004 a plaque was inaugurated in the Zamosc Synagogue, written upon:

In commemoration of the 15000 Jews of Zamosc murdered by the Nazi Germans
and their collaborators during World War 2.

The Jewish community of Zamosc was founded in 1588 following Hetman Jan Zamoysky’s creed, which envisioned a city of tolerance, solidarity and cultural coexistence.
Till its annihilation, the community flourished and significantly contributed to the city’s commerce industry and culture.

Pamieci tysiecy Zydow Zamojskich zamordowanych przez nacistowskich Niemcow I ich slugusow
podczas drugiej wojny swiatowej Zamojska Gmina Zydowska powstala w roku 1588 na podstawie Przywileju wydanego przez Hetmana Jana Zamoyskigo, ktory pragnal zalozyc wielokulturowe miasto w duchu tolerancji, solidarnosci I wspolpracy.

Do czasu zaglady, Zamojska Gmina Zydowska prosperowalap, przyczyniajac sie bardzo do rozwoju handlu, rzemiosla I kultury miasta.


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